You and me

Love can move the mountains
Love, once lit, is hard to put out
Once burning bright, once steadily glowing
The loud tolling bells diminish to the whisper of a lute
Love can even move the mountains
Love, maybe you know her, maybe, you don´t
No fear of heights, it raises up the fallen
Love is the cold night and the heat of breath
Sometimes it’s the moss in the forest, sometimes it’s a thistly path
Love knows a laughter that even smelts tears
Even the love hears the bell ringing the years
but the grey hair suits her well
Her song believes in new verses
Love forgives our false steps
The blossoms are falling, the grass wilts, all things come to pass
But - you and me, you and me, me and you
hand in hand, heels in heels
that time a girl with braids
a student with glasses
that time,
so beautiful, so crazy
is gone
but is here again
– from time to time